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United Way, HandsOn Affiliates & Volunteer Centers

GivePulse is an integratable platform enabling affiliates and centers to schedule and track all engagement efforts. Whether it be a one-day service project, organizing ongoing volunteers, or enabling a community to list and post any type of Opportunity, we centralize it all.

Mile High United Way believes in uniting the full force of the community to change the odds for the children, families, and individuals who need it most. GivePulse has completely changed how we are able to engage people through volunteerism, outreach, and events in Metro Denver. From the start, the GivePulse team has provided around the clock customer support and taken time to learn our business model. Because of our partnership we are driving increased engagement for nonprofits, individuals, and corporate partners. We are incredibly proud to be partnered with such an innovative company.

Nicole Adair, Mile High United Way
Senior Director, Development Operations and Donor Communications
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Volunteer Management

Database to manage all volunteer activity. As an admin you can manage individual or group schedules or empower them to oversee it themselves; create all types of one-time and ongoing opportunities; empower volunteers to track their own impacts.

  • Days of Service Management
    Create one-time events with or without shifts. Allow individual or group registration and reservations. Manage registration sign-in with or without internet.
  • Schedule Ongoing Volunteers
    For recurring opportunities and events use our scheduling and calendar registration system to keep track of volunteer participation.
  • Database
    Oversee all application data, activity data, and updated contact info of your volunteers and organizers into one database, so that it can be integrated with other CRM systems or kept within GivePulse.


Create one or many portals (subgroups) under one United Way or Volunteer Center umbrella, e.g., subgroups can have an emphasis on Emerging Leaders, Corporate Days, Tocqueville Society, Women United, etc…

  • Style and Whitelabel
    You may highlight different events for each subgroup, alter the appearance of an event, and customize an event for a specific audience of volunteers.
  • Delegated Administrators
    If you decided to create a hierarchy of subgroups, you may delegate multiple administrators and event managers to oversee each specific subgroup.
  • Membership Management
    Each portal and subgroup you oversee can have its own unique set of members and application process to become a member.

Communication & Notifications

Customize emails and notifications that originate from GivePulse to use your language and vernacular. Leverage our internal messaging system to communicate with the recipients of your choice including specific subgroups, specific volunteers, specific event participants, or even your own list!

  • Individual & Group Communication
    Mass communicate with specific shifts, volunteers attending an event, specified groups of people, or select an individual to privately communicate with.
  • Send Feedback Surveys
    Send surveys or use the default settings to receive feedback and comments after attending specific events and opportunities.
  • Customize
    Messages and notifications sent out can be customized with the white-labeling options so that it has your brand, logos and other changes you decide to include.


GivePulse is an integrable CRM Database. If you do not have an existing database and would like to grow with us or decide over time to integrate into another, we will help you integrate into Salesforce, SugarCRM, Raiser’s Edge, CiviCRM, or anything similar. This ensures that specific sets of data (e.g., account fields, activity history, contact fields, or even custom fields) are appropriately synchronized.

  • Salesforce & SugarCRM Partner
    We are partners with Salesforce and SugarCRM. i.e., we integrate with their CRM platform and will work with you to centralize your data and ensure data is synchronized appropriately.
  • Special Integrations
    As part of customer service, we would like to know what other databases and integration points you would like us to work with. We would be happy to project plan and coordinate this with you.
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