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Volunteers and Groups

Whether you are student, professional, individual, group or a business, we let you easily browse, search, and register for various events and opportunities to make an impact in the community!

Searching & Browsing

View events and opportunities via our calendar, list or map view

  • List, Map, Calendar
    Use any of the choices to view, browse and choose an event, opportunity or organization near you to invest your time and skills
  • Sort & Filter
    Sort events and opportunities by date and time, groups by name and size and filter by type, date & time, causes, skills and availability
  • Text & Keywords
    Keywords and tags are tied to the events and groups you search by. If there are specific words that are associated with an event or group, they will most likely apply to the search


Fill in the required information the administrator or coordinator is requesting of you

  • Sign Up
    On every event page, there is a register button. Depending on how the administrator set it up, it might prompt you to login immediately or simply to register with your first and last name and email. If the admin requires login, the system will prompt you to login or sign-up for an account.
  • Confirmation
    In some instances friends may register you, prompting you to confirm your registration upon receiving an email asking you to verify your name and email address
  • Custom Fields & Waivers
    There are instances where administrators of the event or group will want you to agree to a photo release or liability waiver. When registering to these events, it will prompt you to agree before confirming your registration

Individual Profile

Create an account to streamline registration and allow you to keep track of your impact to the community

  • Update
    When you have an individual profile with a password, you are able to log back into the system and review your event registrations. Giving you the ability to update or cancel your registration if something comes up
  • Add Interests and Skills
    To help us match you to opportunities and for administrators to do their best to find you the best experiences, filling out your profile helps enable the algorithms to locate those experiences that meet your interests and skill set
  • Joining
    By having a profile, you can also join multiple groups and sign up to a variety of experiences throughout the GivePulse network

Group Profile

Create a group account to organize your team or group's registration to an event and opportunity

  • Bulk Register
    If you are representing a team or group, you have the opportunity to bulk register a number of your colleagues and members to an event hosted by you or another group
  • Manage Registrants
    When you have a group profile, you can check up on your members to see if they completed registration, thus keep tabs on who will be attending
  • Determine Impact
    When the event is over, you will have an opportunity to run a report and collectively see what your impact

Be an Administrator

In the case you want to recruit and manage volunteers, or create events to track attendance and outputs like hours, be an administrator!

  • Create Events
    If you happen to be a leader or coordinator, you have the opportunity to use GivePulse as an event management platform to schedule one-time, recurring and ongoing events
  • Schedule
    There are instances where you want to help get people scheduled via a calendar or signup process. GivePulse streamlines all these abilities for you
  • Report
    When it comes to reviewing who signed up, who attended and did work, or maybe even seeing no shows, we have all the reporting for you